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Welcome to the Atmospheric Modeling Group (AirMG) at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut. The AirMG website provides information about scientific research and educational news related to atmospheric sciences with a focus on atmospheric modeling systems. The research group is led by Dr Marina Astitha.

Visit the Research and Publications section for more information on our current, past and future work!

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Phone: 860-486-3941
Address: 261 Glenbrook Rd


  • AGU Fall Meeting 2022
    Our group went to AGU Fall Meeting all together this year and it was incredible!  
    Posted on January 4, 2023
  • CEE Antiracism and Equity Action Team (ACT)
    I am very proud to announce that CEE ACT is officially convening every month and working hard to bring change with regards to antiracism and equity for our CEE community and beyond. Check our blog for updates and reading material! Antiracism & Equity Action Team
    Posted on March 5, 2021
  • Huiying’s PhD defense
    Huiying successfully defended her PhD dissertation last Friday (7.19) and is now a proud Dr. of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering! Hard work, patience and perseverance through the toughest of times led to the well-deserved  PhD degree. Congratulations!!
    Posted on July 22, 2019